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The Team

Elevation is being developed by a team with unique strengths that combine international experience and local expertise.

TLC Modular

We build homes for life.

About Us

TLC Developments is an innovative property developer with world-class expertise in modular construction projects. We focus on developments that are sustainable, smart and safe.

We are a company with a strong vision and mission: to provide innovative apartment solutions that meet the needs of New Zealand.

Our team consists of experienced professionals who have been working together for many years on a wide range of projects. We have the expertise needed to deliver high-quality modular buildings, ensuring a smooth transition from concept to completion, sales to settlement, and every step of the way.

Our Experience

TLC Developments is a property development company that specializes in building homes with innovation and value for money. We are the result of our parent company TLC Modular’s success in modular construction, which allows us to build multi-level buildings in a more efficient manner.

TLC Modular was founded in 1995 and has completed many projects across New Zealand, Australia and Singapore using this method. Our parent company also includes Goldman Sachs as a majority shareholder, which gives us international reach as well as experience across several markets.

The Development Team

This development company team combines local New Zealand development expertise and experience with international technical design and engineering, quality build and project management by TLC Modular joined by global financial institution Goldman Sachs as a key stakeholder.

Supported by a large number of local New Zealand contractors on the ground, the developer partnership is charged with delivering an extraordinary project and ensuring a solid foundation is set for the delivery of this exemplary apartment project.

TLC Developments partner with leading local teams and suppliers to develop innovative products that fit with our vision of a better way of life for New Zealanders’.


Quality is the foundation of TLC Developments and a cornerstone of Elevation. The New Zealand Government and local authorities have recognized the expertise of TLC by approving their modular construction system for use within the country. TLC is one of only three modular constructors to be approved by the government, and it is the only constructor to have completed multi-level projects in New Zealand (Casa Hotel, Christchurch).

Additionally, TLC is certified for all ISO standards and has also received certification from the Singapore Building and Construction Authority (BCA).

TLC Developments believes that quality means more than just being able to meet minimum requirements — it means exceeding expectations.

Our Vision

TLC Developments are reimagining the way homes are designed, built and delivered. Our thinking stems from the fact that traditional building techniques are struggling to keep up with social, economic and environmental demands. Designed for living, we’ve paired local expertise and intelligent technology platforms to create homes, spaces and amenities for the New Zealand way of life.

Our commitment to innovation and sustainability means we’re always looking for ways to accelerate the process and reduce waste. We want to make sure that our projects play an important role in shaping New Zealand communities. From start to finish, from design to delivery, we’re committed to ensuring our projects will be a part of your story every step of the way.